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Resonate (RESO), decentralized social network that enables users for the very first time to have a personal AI-powered, trusted social experience that is automatically sanitized from malicious, untrustworthy sources and actors.

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Key features

  • NFTs on user profiles.
  • Curated newsfeed based on the user ReSource.
  • Decentralized governance mechanism based on the Resonate token.
  • Resonate token to allow voting on content, governance, exclusive access to Resonate NFTs,
  • NFT holders to get exclusive access to content, games, AI features.
  • Resonate holders can ‘tip’ other users’ posts with crypto.
  • Resonate holders can swap on Reswap with Fetch and other Blockchain tokens through the Cosmos IBC.
  • Use agents for various tasks on Resonate to simplify the social experience.
  • Integrate cosmos IBC based cross-blockchain defi into Resonate.

USP: Web3 native social network

Refresh social experiences with Resonate. Using Web3 native tools and the Fetch Blockchain, enable trusted interactions with users and trade in NFTs

  • Instantly gain agency of your social experience
  • Train and personalize your own social AI that fits your tribes’ truths
  • Social + NFT + AI platform with a seamless user experience.
  • ecosystem driven AI agents and staking mechanism
  • Personalized and Consensus based AI curation that keeps your feed trusted and clean

How it works

Resonate is built on the Blockchain with ReSource agents helping to perform various social media based tasks.

  • Resonate allows you to have your own Social Curation AI agent . ‘ReSource’ - your AI powered proxy that acts as your social curation/engagement agent
  • Your personal ‘ReSource’ agent learns from personal preferences and consensus contracts to keep your feed clean and trusted
  • While at it, it also makes it super easy to reward creators/sources that are trusted via Tokens

Why Resonate

Resonate solves three core challenges plaguing social experiences today.

  • Overwhelm & helpessness in identifying and managing social misinformation
  • Centralized curation of their personal social feeds - even on decentralized networks
  • Challenges in value exchange via tokens and NFTs across participants

Why now

Loss of trust in web2 based social platforms, dominance of trolls/spam, rise in web3 native audience.

  • Twitter / Gettr Split - Such splits drive mass migrations and decentralization.
  • We have reached peak audience distrust and social management overhelm.
  • Cluster of Blockchains based Social networks - Mastadon forks overload coming.
  • None with their own first line of AI powered personalized curation


Roadmap for Resonate over the next 2 years.

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